After-school Nature Exploration

Wild Wonder is pleased to partner with the Town of Sackville in offering Trailblazers, a FREE after-school outdoor program for children in grades K-7. There are two 7-week Trailblazers sessions each school year, in the Fall and Winter. Children gather after their school day and have a chance to engage with the natural elements in the schoolyard and fields surrounding Salem Elementary School. Salem has a beautiful outdoor classroom space, and children have an opportunity to learn more about the pond, forests and marshland, and the critters that dwell within each. Child-centred games, activities and presentations engage the children, who enjoy playing and exploring in their own school's backyard.


Trailblazers goals

Trailblazers uses Outdoor Education and Recreation to develop leadership skills and an environmental awareness in our young people.  We use a variety of activities, like shelter building, fire starting, animal tracking, to keep youth engaged with the outdoors while being physically active and developing important skills. Among the goals for students in Trailblazers are to:

  • Cultivate nature appreciation by learning about the environment of southeastern NB

  • Foster decision-making, teamwork & leadership skills

  • Empower youth with wilderness skills & knowledge of their environment

  • Foster creativity, student-centered exploration & inquiry

  • Get children outside, where movement and learning are combined into fun experiences


Want to sign up your child?

Keep your eye out for the Trailblazers notices sent home from school at the beginning of Fall and Winter terms at school. The Town of Sackville provides easy online registration. Just remember, this is a very popular program and fills up quickly, so be sure to sign up as soon as registration opens.

Learn more about the Town of Sackville's recreation programs >>


Tips for parents

  1. Remember that we head outside for Trailblazers rain or shine, wind or snow, so dress your kids for the weather! Layers are always the best choice and it's a good idea to have an extra set of mittens & socks for cold, wet days.
  2. Please send your child with a water bottle to ensure they have something to drink after school.
  3. We provide healthy snacks, but if your child is usually quite hungry after school please send along an extra snack for them to enjoy.


What Kids Are Saying

It's a lot of fun!

“I really like it when it rains and we can splash and play in the puddles.”

— S.K. - Middle School student leader

I really like it!

“You get to do a lot of fun stuff. I like to be in the woods learning about nature”

— N.I. (grade 2 student)